an astrological diagnosis

An Astrological Diagnosis is a short experimental, autoethnogrpahic film by Nadia Naomi exploring her journey with mental health and motherhood through the lens of astrology. This film is a work-in-progress and a product of a 6-week documentary filmmaking bootcamp at New York University in the summer of 2022.

In August, her film was screened at a multi-day immersive art exhibit hosted by The Postpartum Mothers Mobile Study (PMOMS) at the University of Pittsburgh called “9+ Months: A Journey of Birth, Loss, Recovery and Joy of Black Motherhood” to increase awareness of Black maternal health experiences in the city of Pittsburgh and beyond.

Nadia will complete the film over the course of a year-long Video Production seminar at NYU’s department of Anthropology in completion of the Culture and Media certificate in documentary filmmaking.

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