Embodying Ancestry: Yadira

“I am interested in my own cultural heritage, my own family history and I really love the idea of using an item that captured the aspirations of the women before me.” 

“I think everyone has items that have been handed down to them and items that they want to hand down, so I chose a mix of items that have been passed down to me and to my aunt and items that I want to pass down to my children.” 

“It’s funny to find that I already owned the other items that fit with the shirt like my bracelet, which is from my religious tradition which I made this summer, the fan which is the item that I want to pass down to my children, the cajon [box drum], the beautiful cajon which I am learning to play.”

“These are are from the time period when my aunt moved to Spain from Cuba, the first person in my family to leave [the country]. And these are also the first pair of sunglasses that she bought and now I am also the same age that she was when she bought these glasses and was wearing this shirt.”

“This project was actually a beautiful moment for me to wear [this shirt]. [Nadia and I] went dancing in this shirt and I embodied this shirt.” 

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