reimagining psychiatry

Reimagining Psychiatry is an international project laying the groundwork for transforming the field of psychiatry worldwide. It consists of a series of dialogues within a global network professionals, community members, and people with lived experience innovating more humanistic models of care. The goal is to provide an impetus to move the practice of psychiatry worldwide beyond the current model of biomedical, institutionalized care and promote systems change to support well-being and recovery that is truly integrative and human rights oriented. These conversations have been taking place over Zoom due to the travel restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of a team of anthropologists, my role is to analyze and edit the recordings and supporting materials for a public website and a podcast.

Reimagining Psychiatry is a collaboration between Pinel Netzwerk of Berlin, the Frantz Fanon Center of Turin, and innovative psychiatrists, other mental health practitioners, peers, mental health service users and refusers, survivors and advocates from around the world who are transforming mental health care. Our project is supported by a grant from Open Society Foundations.

Project Advisors: Helena Hansen and Helena Fiez