End of Semester Wrap Up

Hey y’all! It’s been a minute. This has been an incredibly dense year and I am proud to say I survived it. I finished my fall semester of my third year in my PhD in anthropology at NYU and I’m tired! Although this was supposed to be the first real “in-person” semester, I must haveContinue reading “End of Semester Wrap Up”

Healing Journey: Mid-Semester Check-In

I am a little more than half way through the first semester of my second year as an Anthropology PhD student at NYU and things are starting to get real. Since my last episode in 2019, I’ve recovered my sense of self after losing sight of who I am. I have overcome the imposter syndromeContinue reading “Healing Journey: Mid-Semester Check-In”

Three Nuggets of Wisdom for Dealing with Disappointment

It’s funny that I’ve chosen a career in academia given that rejection and criticism — major triggers for bipolar episodes — comes with the territory. I am precariously privileged that I have access to financial support from my academic institution and grants as I pursue my PhD. I have funding from NYU, but I alsoContinue reading “Three Nuggets of Wisdom for Dealing with Disappointment”